Review: Unfurl by Ry X

Unfurl by Ry XRy X is arguably everywhere, but his sound is one that easily melts into the background – and it doesn’t help that there are a lot of acts like him, from Bon Iver to Frank Ocean, even if he’s been at it for longer than most of them. But then, it’s the really weird nature of that warn-yet-isolated sound he’s put a stake on. It’s hard to stand out – and those efforts may not always work – so sometimes the best thing to do is to just stick to your lane. Unfurl does exactly that, although compared to his previous work it feels just a bit more warmer, more intimate. (The lack of collaborations helps.) It’s a nice listen if you’ve got nothing else to put on and want something that wouldn’t bother you. Otherwise, it really is a boring record. It’s not the genre; it’s how, across the album, Ry X seems to be happy with regurgitating the same old tricks. There are some interesting bits – lead single “Untold” sets the template well, perhaps too well – but it’s all drowned out by just how identical everything else is. [NB]3/5

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