“Deus me imunize do seu veneno.”

“Reza” by Rita Lee | I’m going to repeat myself: I’m not a fan of the new Monocle 24 music policy because it all seems more repetitive now. (I’ve actually stopped listening, except for those really few occasions.) Curiously, this comes just as they decide to play some older songs. Take this one from Rita Lee, also known as Brazil’s “queen of rock” for both her long career – initially with the legendary Os Mutantes, and then solo – and her uncompromising takes on things. It’s been a while since she released an album; this song was from her most recent record, released in 2012. So this counts as old, yeah? But one, it’s got a nice sound, the sort of sound legends can get away with, and two, the lyrics are actually a work of art. Simple yet really biting. I felt that. I think I’m at the receiving end of all those prayers at some point. Soon, you’ll get your wish. [NB]


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