Review: When I Get Home by Solange

When I Get Home by SolangeSolange’s done more than enough to not be just known as Beyoncé‘s little sister, and with her last album A Seat at the Table she succeeded in moving the conversation in her own way. HEr follow-up, When I Get Home, is a slightly different beast altogether: more meandering, more personal, it’s a record that manages to say a lot without compromising the way the message is delivered. Inspired by her hometown – but with an added haze that suggests it’s not a gritty recollection, but an idealized one – she delivers an album that’s unrushed and almost hushed. The approaches are sublime, and the influences (and the collaborators) melt together into this one blob that frankly can be difficult to approach at first. That’s the downside: the record feels too loose sometimes, with its assortment of interludes and short cuts. But When I Get Home is a glossy trip through Solange’s mind, one that says a lot about where she came from, and where she is right now. It may be oblique, but it’s a record that rewards multiple listens. Perhaps that is the ploy. [NB]4/5

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