“I see forever when I look in your eyes.”

“When I Look Into Your Eyes” by FireHouse | I switched to Singaporean radio last week because my mother is flying there with her friends today. (By the time you read this, she’s probably taking off.) If you’ve listened to European radio for months on end, and suddenly switch to ones in Southeast Asia, you’ll realize there are songs that are only hits in certain parts of the world. Michael Learns to Rock, for instance, have a huge following here. American band FireHouse is another example: while they scored some hits in their home country, their popularity endured in this side of the world, although interestingly I don’t think I have ever come across them. Either that, or their rock ballads has gotten lost in the generic mulch. That said, nothing beats that sense of place. Last week, when I hear this song (I did three times, I believe) I flash back to me getting on a taxi from Changi leading to the hotel, getting slightly stuck on the ECP (just as the traffic report goes on about the PIE and the BKE) and conversing with the taxi driver about politics where I come from. This did happen. I’m no Noynoy supporter and I had to not get riled up in a foreign country. Imagine that happening now… [NB]


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