“Go whip that red for other eyes.”

“Alrighty Aphrodite” by Peach Pit | I may have mentioned this already, but a future essay I’m planning for this blog will tackle this playlist Shalla has, which I have been interfering in, because I am an asshole. But we’ll see if I ever get to write that. Anyway, one of the artists on that playlist is this Canadian band called Peach Pit, and apart from the obvious storyline I’m writing about them because Shalla’s making her con debut this Saturday. The brand of stickers she’s decided on is “Peachyflavours”, and you can see her at Stickercon MNL this Saturday at the Unilab Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong City. Table 20. You will see me there, too, if you want to say hi, but it’s her stickers you should be going for. Sneak peeks are on her Instagram account. As for these guys… I think they fit in that playlist, thanks to them not really hitting on the gas, but then, she chose them. [NB]

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