Review: White Wind by Mamamoo

White Wind by MamamooMamamoo’s last four minis – including this one, White Wind – is part of a sprawling concept: four releases highlighting, but not really highlighting, its four members. It ultimately saw the group grapple with the need to transition to a more mature image, after establishing themselves as purveyors of a retro pop sound, and finding themselves with a reputation for hyperactive personalities and a more nuanced musical sensibility. Of course, an initiative that broad wouldn’t always go well: we got some shining moments (and a big glimmer of hope in the third release, the wonderfully consistent Blue;S) and a lot of filler. I’ll admit to this album raising my hopes both because its immediate predecessor seems to have found its mojo back, and also because it’s the album designated to my bias, Wheein. (“25” is a song she co-wrote.) Alas, this record went the way of Red Moon: muffled and mumbled, not really knowing where to go. Single “Gogobebe” is the group’s most forgettable ever, and I do not say that lightly. It ends up just swallowing that modern pop template without going the extra mile; it’s no “Egotistic”, but it surprisingly reminded me of SoRi’s “I’m Ready”, and that, to me, is a worry. The rest of the songs also stumble, although “Waggy”, the designated crazy song of the album, surprisingly sounds sinister, and better for it. But maybe this is me suffering from Mamamoo fatigue: four albums in a little over a year is a feat not even Red Velvet attempted. Well, that worked out for them in some roundabout way. I’m not sure Mamamoo – or us MooMoos – come out of this with a better understanding of where they’re headed. All I know is, I hope the girls get their rest. [NB]2/5

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