“…but that sure will be expensive.”

“Emmanuel” by TK & the Holy Know-Nothings | I am writing about this song at half past two in the morning. I slept for an hour, woke up, and two hours later, just cannot sleep. Is it the trip to Clark? Is it me pondering whether I’m actually dying sooner than I thought? This is the second time I am listening to “Emmanuel”, the debut single from new band TK & the Holy Know-Nothings – what frontman Taylor Kingman describes as an attempt to front a “loose, groove-heavy bar band”. Well, I could be holding a glass of whiskey right about now. Maybe I should, just to fall asleep, just to avoid all these thoughts of death. But, yes, this is loose, and also dark, or it’s the time of the day that’s making me think that way. Their debut album Arguably OK drops on 24 May. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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