Review: No Words Left by Lucy Rose

No Words Left by Lucy RoseI’ve been thinking about how I first described Lucy Rose. When she first came to the scene in 2012 – this blog was just three months old or so then – she had the baggage of having worked with several British indie bands, so the assumption was a sound as layered as that. Yes, but it didn’t seem to fit her, and in hindsight the songs feel like she wasn’t entirely comfortable with it. By the time she released her third album – by then she’s gotten out of her record deal – it feels like she’s settled down into her sound, and more importantly, she’s more willing to talk about the things she really cares about. No Words Left goes further there: it’s her rawest record to date, the sentiments of being adrift and lost hitting too close to home I’ll contend it’s altered my mood. The sparse production gives way to her voice, much more front and center this time – and more colored by uncertainty. All right, so it may prove to be too much after a while – repetition is a double-edged sword here considering the theme – but the record sees Lucy find beauty in bleakness, and at its best (and your best?) it’ll say everything you’ve ever wanted to say. [NB]4/5

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