Review: On The Line by Jenny Lewis

On The Line by Jenny LewisI was going to begin this album review along the lines of “Jenny Lewis must have been going through my favorite classic pop songs”, but then that would have been a terribly short-sighted approach to talking about her fourth solo record. On The Line is, in many ways, a breakthrough for the former Rilo Kiley frontwoman: here she finally masters the art of telling her own stories – dipping into her many years in the spotlight, from child actress to indie darling – by telling the stories of other people, with biting wit and brilliant turns of phrase. Accompanying it is, again, that plundering of the classic pop sound, perhaps more so than in her last record The Voyager, although this tme she doesn’t stay with the happy sound she established in that record. Here she gets boozy, filled with lights and pain. It actually can be a bit difficult going through that middle part of the record – it felt too harsh, and I wanted a respite. There is some, and by the album’s end everything is tied up together nicely. It may have been a difficult trip but it was a satisfying trip to be in. [NB]4/5

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