“Maybe you won’t even recognize me.”

“Black Jeans” by Lucie Silvas | Let’s do some accidental book-ending. One of the first songs I wrote about on this blog is Lucie Silvas’ “Breathe In”, originally released in 2004 and a relatively big hit in her native UK. I wondered then what she was up to, since she more or less fell out of the radar in the eight years since; turns out she went to the US to do some songwriting, settling down in New York, but primarily in Nashville. Good to know, I thought, and then forgot about her again as I endeavored to write about all these other songs I am still losing track of. Which brings us to last year, when, as it turns out, Lucie released an album, E.G.O. – an album that’s getting a fair amount of airplay in the American radio stations I monitor. I’ll admit a shallow read. I only really listened to that song. Here she sounds fuller, more confident, more accomplished, more authentic. Yes, I can hear a bit of Nashville in there, but it isn’t really the part that screams out at you, but rather, how fresh it all sounds. And realizing all this, well, it makes for a nice book-end to this blog. Sort of. [NB]


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