About Us

earthings! is a music blog for everybody else.

This is for those who love music, but have to juggle work, family and friends along it. This is for those who buy CDs whenever they can, but can’t quite invest in a record collection. This is for those who go to gigs, but can’t devote their time to immerse themselves in the scene. This is for those who are happy with what’s on their radio, or on their iPods, or on Spotify, but want to discover new music, too.

We’re just like you. Well, sure, we’re a bit more obsessed than the usual, but we have jobs to look after, and wallets to replenish, and things to deal with, too. But we love music enough to do a blog about it – a blog that has no urge to be at the cutting edge. We write about the music (and the radio, sometimes) that we find interesting, whether we love it or not, whether we’re somehow first with it or we’re woefully late. And we’re not afraid of being honest, of going against the status quo.

Most weekdays we put the spotlight on one song. All genres are fair play: while we lean towards indie, alternative and a bit of pop – basically what we hear on the radio – we try to cover all genres, from Korean pop to classical, and to whatever people call hipster nowadays. On Fridays, we review the latest albums. Some days we do special features or longer essays. Occasionally we review concerts. If we’re lucky – and it’s not often – we talk to the artists themselves.

And, yes, the blog is called earthings!, as in “ear things” fused together into one word, with an exclamation point at the end for good measure. We are aware that many refer to it as “earthlings” (or it could be the Autocorrect) and admit that we could’ve thought that name through more.

For music submissions, drop us a line through our contact page. We are also @earthingsblog on Twitter.

earthings! was a nominee at the 2015 Philippine Blogging Awards.

The Team

Niko BatallonesNiko Batallones [Editor/Head Writer]
A lifelong radio reject, Niko failed DJ tryouts in college, and now often agonizes over what (and where) to tune in to. While he’s partial to vintage-y sounds and indie stompers, his genres can go many ways. He writes far too much, usually on The Upper Blog, which he started in 2005.

Shalla YuShalla Yu [Writer]
The blog’s resident Asian pop expert, Shalla – the writer formerly known as Rainy Martini – also listens to everything from indie folk to teen pop idols. She’s a classically-trained pianist, a one-time ballerina, and also dabbles in watercolor painting, photography and the ukulele.

Allene AllanigueAllene Allanigue [Contributing Writer]
Currently taking up graduate studies in clinical psychology, Allene has always used music to plumb the depths of the human soul, which explains her preference for Bon Iver, Florence Welch and Regina Spektor. Raised in the era of Simple Plan and Good Charlotte, she claims to be the fourth Haim sister.

Drea DizonDrea Dizon [Contributing Writer]
While not working as an art director for a major advertising agency – which sometimes means working with musicians in one way or another – Drea watches a lot of TV and listens to a lot of music, mostly pop punk. She calls herself a “fan of so many things” and goes to concerts whenever she can squeeze it in.

Jeany LeeJeany Lee [New York Correspondent]
Jeany’s got the most pedigree among the entire team: she’s done music journalism in her teens, actually worked on radio, and is best remembered (for now) as Random Jean on the early days of The Chris Gethard Show. A Korean raised in New York, she’s an Anglophile who gets more excited about Emmy the Great than SHINee.

Claudine RodriguezClaudine Rodriguez [Contributing Writer]
Claud listens to anything, but has a special spot for jazz – although she wouldn’t call herself a purist. She likes singing soulful stuff, but she’ll admit her voice suits Broadway more. She’s a UX/UI designer for an ad agency on weekdays, does a bunch of projects on weekends, and geeks out on coffee everyday.

Jayvee SacramentoJayvee Sacramento [Contributing Writer]
Formerly a rock guy, Jayvee switched to hip-hop in college, although he prefers “hip-hop with thought and soul” – sorry, Lil Wayne. He listens to Mo Twister in the morning, has a soft spot for the music of the 80s, and still laments the loss of NU 107. In between that and his number crunching day job, he watches a lot of NBA and the EPL.

Dexter TanDexter Tan [Contributing Writer]
Dexter can listen to anything: indie-folk, cheesy Chinese oldies, Miley Cyrus – but not dubstep or Filipino covers of foreign songs. A frequent YouTube sidebar surfer and occasional concert goer, he likes it best when he finds himself singing a song, loudly, with people who know the lyrics by heart, doing the same thing.