“So long, and good night.”

“Helena” by My Chemical Romance | I haven’t been here in a while. And, to be honest, I’ve only come back to say goodbye – I’m a part of this blog, after all. The stuff I listen to are, arguably, polarizing. There are days when I can only tolerate Mozart sonatas, days when I listen to GFriend on repeat, and days when my tweet playlist reigns supreme. I like them all, and I wrote about them. I haven’t written anything in a long time, and although I feel a tinge of regret (or perhaps even guilt), I still don’t feel like doing it. But who knows, right? After all, I find myself going back to the things I got bored with after liking it for so long, like this final song here. I lived for My Chemical Romance, but five years later I dropped them. Five more years later I found myself adding them to my Spotify playlist. Same happened with my K-pop playlist. Things happen in cycles, after all. Maybe in seven years Niko will start blogging about music again. And I might be writing again by then, too. Who knows, right? For now, so long. [SY]


“I just want to disappear.”

“Summer Depression” by girl in red | It’s three in the morning and I surprisingly find myself fixing my Spotify playlist called “Saturday”. It’s indie folk-ish, familiar; it’s quiet, but not really. Most importantly, they’re songs that I like. Somehow I landed on girl in red’s profile, tapped on a few songs, yada yada. “Summer Depression”, I guess, strives to be deep-deep by having only a handful of lyrics paired with a steady rhythmic bass (something I’m really really into). I just wish it had more to say though. [SY]

“난 하고 싶은 말들이 참 많았었는데.”

“The Blue Bird” by April | I was enjoying every second of this song. The outfits are bomb (Lovelyz, anyone?), their vocals are on point, and Jinsol seems to have grown up a bit. I grew fond of her after watching Girl Spirit, thought I wouldn’t really call myself a “stan”. I don’t know much about the rest of the group, but they’ve been releasing “steady” tracks lately. I was enjoying every minute of this song, feeling the strings building up to create a bang at the end. And they almost did. A couple of seconds after the last note, Rachel whispered “할 말이 있어요”. And that’s what killed it for me; they didn’t need that line! It could’ve ended nicely. Just like this song review – I could’ve ended this nicely, but I didn’t. [SY]

Review: R U Ready? by Lovelyz

R U Ready? by LovelyzLoud and bold, the cover is a delicious mix of gamboge and fuchsia. You’d think Lovelyz would give you shockingly bubblegum tracks in this latest release, now that they’d fallen victim to the trendy Twice aesthetic (for lack of a better term), but no. Save for the intro track, the album starts with the single “WoW!”, which touches on the sounds of today (you know, aegyo and bubblegum and all that) while trying to stay true to the Lovelyz brand. Quite ambitious, actually. I am constantly reminded of a verse from SNSD’s “I Got A Boy” and their previous release “Destiny” while listening to it, which isn’t a bad thing. I just get weirded out, I guess. The album goes on softly and quietly – decrescendo. It’s something you can listen to periodically throughout the day. Heck, it’s an actual day-to-night album. “Night and Day”, “Cameo” and “Knock Knock” (yes they also have a “Knock Knock”!) are some of the exceptional tracks, with the first being my favorite of the bunch. I love how it quietly dies down with “나의 연인” to, like, lull you to sleep. Like I said, a day-to-night album. [SY]4/5

Review: A’wesome by HyunA

A'wesome by HyunAOne year after the release of a hoe anthem comes another hoe anthem. Okay, well, according to most people. I was surprised she came back so soon after 4minute’s breakup. I wasn’t a huge fan of the group – although I’m in love with most of their album tracks – so I didn’t really feel much. Now the group’s most popular girl comes back with a tune going “eoddae?” all throughout. Though I must admit I find those bits catchy, I get why most are disappointed with the MV for “How’s This?” – and the song as a whole (“we wanna hear her more!”) – and I’m not gonna even argue. Disappointing though it may seem, the rest of the album are satisfactory. It opens with the very chill “U&ME♡” and jumps straight to the single. Which I really don’t like. The next two are the usual HyunA-dance-beat-hip-hop-thingies which aren’t that bad, and either of them could easily be the single. Even the mildly playful “Morning Glory” could be it too. Really, anything but “How’s This?” [SY] | 3/5