This blog is now closed. Thanks to everyone who joined us on the journey for the past seven years – the contributors, the artists, the PR people, and you, the person reading this. (The proper album-style thank you list is here, if you’re curious.) We’re not taking the blog down, so you can still read through all of our entries these past seven years – or you can listen to a Spotify playlist of almost every song we’ve written about. And in case you still want to read my thoughts, I’ll be blogging over on my personal blog, still.



How to collect Nordic pop music, part eight: the concluding course

Yes, there is a part eight to this. I was surprised to see more interest than expected on this seven-week series on Nordic pop, and I got a message from the folks at Nordic Music Review looking if they can contribute. Why not? Now, to wrap up this series nicely, that blog’s editor, Andy Worsey, breaks down just how Nordic music has made an impression around the world.

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This conversation about abusive behavior will not go away, but here’s a few things we ought to keep in mind

For this conversation to achieve the results it’s meant to achieve, we all have to be uncomfortable.

I am writing this from a hotel room in Hong Kong. It’s cool outside, but it will be cooler in the coming days, or so the weather forecast I’ve been keeping an eye on suggests. As expected there is little to nothing on television, so I am watching the BBC. On the ticker below, a headline scrolls about Pixar co-founder John Lassetter, and how he’s taken a leave after allegations of improper behavior. Specifically, the line was, in quotes, “unwanted hugs”.

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