This conversation about abusive behavior will not go away, but here’s a few things we ought to keep in mind

For this conversation to achieve the results it’s meant to achieve, we all have to be uncomfortable.

I am writing this from a hotel room in Hong Kong. It’s cool outside, but it will be cooler in the coming days, or so the weather forecast I’ve been keeping an eye on suggests. As expected there is little to nothing on television, so I am watching the BBC. On the ticker below, a headline scrolls about Pixar co-founder John Lassetter, and how he’s taken a leave after allegations of improper behavior. Specifically, the line was, in quotes, “unwanted hugs”.

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How to collect Nordic pop music, part one: the introductory course

We’ve done this for the past two years: a seven-week series looking at a music scene of a particular country. We don’t do it particularly well, but we feel we provide a good idea nonetheless. This year we go bigger: we look at five countries. Well, arguably it makes things easier, because we’ll go one country a week in a couple of weeks, but on the other hand we’re diving into a region that has provided a lot to popular music around the world, and a region which we’ve dipped our toes into occasionally over the five and a half years of this blog. Welcome to the north. Welcome to the Norden.

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