How to collect Nordic pop music, part one: the introductory course

We’ve done this for the past two years: a seven-week series looking at a music scene of a particular country. We don’t do it particularly well, but we feel we provide a good idea nonetheless. This year we go bigger: we look at five countries. Well, arguably it makes things easier, because we’ll go one country a week in a couple of weeks, but on the other hand we’re diving into a region that has provided a lot to popular music around the world, and a region which we’ve dipped our toes into occasionally over the five and a half years of this blog. Welcome to the north. Welcome to the Norden.

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What did we learn on the blog over the last five years, Niko?

Happy birthday to us!

On Saturday morning I made some tweets, inspired by yet another tweet I saw. “Remember when all pop was throwaway and ‘indie’ was better than anything else?” I pondered. “Now, there’s such a thing as ‘indie pop’, and even the ‘bad’ pop is now getting cool kid cred. So, you know, it’s all fluid. But we want to be icy cool. Icy cool to the point of frozen.”

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