“They tell me all just to move on, but how can I when you’re all I know?”

“Gone” by Denai Moore | Dex threw this suggesting my way, so here’s one for you who’s feeling somber and lonely – or, maybe, a bit amen-y today. Denai Moore, based in London although she doesn’t sound like it. At all. She’s a no-frills singer, looks quiet, but is actually powerful in a sublime way. Nice catch, sir. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“Hold me, love, like you used to.”

“Lullaby” by MisterWives | Friday’s track was to send you to the weekend; today’s track is to bring you back to earth. Say hello to MisterWives (and thank you for the recommend, Dex), a three-piece from New York, sent to space by melancholy and Mandy Lee’s yearning. She’s not afraid to go straight to the gut, and once she gets there, she’s not afraid to twist the knife either. But the group’s not all weepy, though: “Vagabond” does not sound out of place in a film’s end credits, while “Kings and Queens” brings a lovely, understated groove. But, again, it’s Mandy’s tendency to shoot straight and shoot sharp. I like what I hear. And you will, to. These songs, and others, are available for free here. (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“If I gotta be a jerk to the ones who really work to get ahead…”

“Be A Jerk” by Boy Girl Party | Nothing says “jerk” like a decidedly assured whistle. That said, this is a fun song. Boy Girl Party strikes me as a bit like the Ting Tings, only from Brooklyn and with more members. I also say this because this song – off their 2012 EP Dear Dear, available for download here – starts off with a filthy, partly obvious rhythm riff, before that whistle, before Melissa Lusk’s vocal, which tells you that, yes, this is a Brooklyn band. And then it goes in an indie pop direction, but the misdirection is an appreciated one. Now, for this song to be the equivalent of flipping the bird at someone, as Dexter, who sent this over, intended to do. (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“Goodbye, Chicago. I’ll see you soon.”

“East Coast Girl” by Cayucas | I’m not exactly a drinker, so when Dex sent this song in, describing this as a song that makes him think of piña coladas, I was at a bit of a loss. But yeah, I get what he means: you drink piña coladas when it’s hot, to cool you down; this is obviously a song for the beach. An unintentional redressing of the balance after my dance floor-themed songs of late. That said, after listening to this song, and earlier single “High School Lover”, I have to admit I am not really impressed with Cayucas. It sounds like lazy beach music – and by that, I mean by-the-numbers, pitch-the-reverb, swing-the-guitar beach music. It’s just supposed to sound like it fits into the beach, nothing more. Or maybe it’s my mood. Or maybe it’s the trying-too-hard label-issued biography, going into detail about the band name’s origins – a spin on a California beach town’s name with some apparent history. Meh. Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge about piña coladas, or me getting this whole thing wrong, but meh. (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“I’ll find somebody like you.”

“All I Want” from Kodaline | The music video for this song is, of course, a wee bit cheesy. It has to be. I’m oddly not surprised, because friend of the blog Dexter sent this one over. Kodaline’s one of those bands that I’ve heard of for a while now but never really thought of writing about, because I never really saw anything special about them. (But yeah, cheesy lyrics for this one. Again, it’s Dex’s thing.) The Dublin band’s been around since 2005 (when they were known as 21 Demands) but they’ll only release their first album, In A Perfect World, this June. My ill-informed statement: I glad they waited – 21 Demands is a bad name for a band, methinks. (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)