“I just want to disappear.”

“Summer Depression” by girl in red | It’s three in the morning and I surprisingly find myself fixing my Spotify playlist called “Saturday”. It’s indie folk-ish, familiar; it’s quiet, but not really. Most importantly, they’re songs that I like. Somehow I landed on girl in red’s profile, tapped on a few songs, yada yada. “Summer Depression”, I guess, strives to be deep-deep by having only a handful of lyrics paired with a steady rhythmic bass (something I’m really really into). I just wish it had more to say though. [SY]


“난 하고 싶은 말들이 참 많았었는데.”

“The Blue Bird” by April | I was enjoying every second of this song. The outfits are bomb (Lovelyz, anyone?), their vocals are on point, and Jinsol seems to have grown up a bit. I grew fond of her after watching Girl Spirit, thought I wouldn’t really call myself a “stan”. I don’t know much about the rest of the group, but they’ve been releasing “steady” tracks lately. I was enjoying every minute of this song, feeling the strings building up to create a bang at the end. And they almost did. A couple of seconds after the last note, Rachel whispered “할 말이 있어요”. And that’s what killed it for me; they didn’t need that line! It could’ve ended nicely. Just like this song review – I could’ve ended this nicely, but I didn’t. [SY]

Swap week three, day five: Niko takes on Lips

Swap Week“1993” by Lips | It’s a stretch to call this one of Shalla’s teenage favorites. When we looked this song up, she pretty much cringed. She thought she heard a remix, but no, this is one of those Eurodance songs that sound really dinky, yet take a life of its own for some reason – and then disappear without a trace. I don’t know who Lips are. A perfunctory (sleepy) search turns up nothing. And I don’t even have memories of this song, so I have little to no idea where to start. So this is… well… it is a song named after Shalla’s birth year. Maybe that’s it? I can’t shake off the image of her cringing, though. [NB]

Swap week three, day four: Niko takes on the Pussycat Dolls

Swap Week“Stickwitu” by the Pussycat Dolls | I know I talked about the worst of American pop yesterday, but while this song has the same parameters, it might as well be an exception. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because this was around when I still listened to local pop radio. Maybe it’s because it’s not overbearing. (Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together”, however – that was on the sidebar. That was overbearing. Or overexposed.) I never even had a crush on Nicole Scherzinger. Had no reason to follow the girls. So, I guess, I can say it’s all on a case-by-case basis. I mean, I liked “Buttons” and I liked “Don’t Cha”. Or maybe it’s the rose-tinted glasses. I don’t know. I’m sorry. I can’t quite think straight as I write this.

Swap week three, day three: Niko takes on Jessica Simpson

Swap Week“I Belong To Me” by Jessica Simpson | Now, a reminder of the things I don’t like about American pop. It can be this saccharine. It can be too much. But who am I to shit on a song that’s supposedly a response to Jessica Simpson’s divorce to Nick Lachey? Okay. Now, to be a nice boyfriend. I get why Shalla likes this: it’s that rumbly bass line thing we discussed yesterday. It’s forceful so as to deliver the admittedly simple message with more punch than expected. And yet I can’t help but think of those songs that pop idols have once in a while where they go emotional and slow to convey depth and it feels weird. Okay. Okay. Okaaaay. I ought to be a better boyfriend. [NB]