“No, we will not destroy you.”

“Pa Pa Power” by Dead Man’s Bones | Hey, girl. No. No. No matter how much I try – not that I have – I cannot be Ryan Gosling, nor even be a Ryan Gosling meme, those irritating ones because, really, does he speak that way? Does he speak like that to Eva? Anyway, last night I found out he has a band, because, of course he has one. It’s not really any of that dreamy shit like in those memes, though. I like how Dead Man’s Bones – co-founded with his friend Zach Shields – has a pretty singular vision: sing about the creepy stuff, complete with a children’s choir (their one and only album, so far, is a collaboration with the Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir) and actually, er, dreamy instrumentation. I could easily mistake it for literally (as in literally) cool indie pop from some newcomer in Los Angeles, but, well, it’s a Canadian who appears in a lot of motivational memes. Makes sense. [NB]


“I’ll just let you know that I won’t let you go.”

“With Me” by Plastic Plastic | We continue our sidebar adventures with this song from… I’m pretty sure it’s from Thailand. Their Facebook page is decidedly quiet when it comes to location, but they have posts in the Thai language, and… okay, I just saw their iTunes listing; definitely Thai. You wouldn’t know it. Plastic Plastic’s “With Me”, from the duo’s Stay At Home album released last year, sounds like you merged the most somber moments of the Clientele or Real Estate and scratchy 60s AM pop. Yes, that reference again. It’s enough to hook me to this song’s hazy, saturated Technicolor landscape. In sound, of course. [NB]

「一休さん ありがとサンキュー。」

“Ikkyu-san” by Wednesday Campanella | Sidebar adventure time! After yesterday’s post this popped up, and the only reason I clicked on it is because KOM_I – the sole vocalist of Japanese hip-hop/dance/whatever collective Wednesday Campanella – looks like EXID‘s Hani. Instant click! It’s a fun song, this, but chances are, you already know about this – the group has somewhat broken out in the United States with an appearance at SXSW (and the adoption of “Wednesday” on their Western name). Well, I didn’t. And, surprisingly, neither did Claud. I reported back to her after yesterday’s entry and how that led to today’s entry, and before I knew it, she has already enjoyed the song and looked up the dancer on this video, who also appeared in a Sheena Ringo video she previously posted – yes, it’s a theme song for a mall – and also apparently does Girls’ Generation dance covers. Me, well, KOM_I looks like Hani. Also, good song – a fun one, like when I stumbled upon Chelmico[NB]

“I’m stuck with nowhere to go.”

“Stuck” by the Aces | Welcome back from a week-long break that felt refreshing, because… really, should I still be doing this blog? Anyway, here’s a song I stumbled upon from yet another German radio station. It isn’t new: it dropped just over a year ago. They’re the Aces, they’re from Utah, and the fact that they’re four ladies should be irrelevant: “Stuck” is hook-y, almost straightforward indie pop that gets a kick by how unfettered it all feels in the end. No need to be cool – just sing it all out. Now I’ve thought about it, perhaps I missed this song because of how well it melts in the background with the rest of the stuff kids like these days. Then again, I always take a while. A year is good enough. [NB]

“Are you there, Eugene?”

“Hey Eugene” by Pink Martini | Because I feel like going slightly jazzy to end this week (and to usher in another week-long break), here’s some Pink Martini. It’s a band that’s not exactly about jazz, but more classic pop, which can be my thing depending on the mood, really. It’s another one of those songs I have tucked away on some list and have forgotten about. All right, I might be running out of songs to write again. Maybe that’s why I need a break. (That, and it’s customary. That, and it’s work.) But here’s an interesting one about a fleeting love, lost, or forgotten. Perhaps that’s what we have right now, you (the blog) and I (the blogger). [NB]