“Hindi ako hihinto. Ikaw ang iniibig ko.”

“Boy (I Love You)” by Cherie Gil | Ah, the songs you stumble upon when the power goes out. Happened yesterday, and the outage went longer than anybody wanted, so out went one of those wind-up radios, where we fiddled with the dial looking for something to listen to. It was flimsy, so what was originally a morning spent with DWWW-AM became a morning spent with DWKC-FM (well, they’re sister stations) and to my mother absolutely enjoying the latter’s music mix. (It was a Sunday, so out went the dusty Filipino classics.) Cherie Gil – the actress, yes, – apparently released this as a single before she became a prominent actress, although a quick sidebar surf led me to the original version of this song by the NailClippers, a group of Filipino children who released this song in Japan. Well, that was quite obscure. The things the 1970s brings someone born way after it. [NB]

“미안해요 그대를 잊지못해서.”

“I’m Sorry” by Gummy featuring T.O.P | Okay, another Korean song – but I’m writing this not because I chanced upon it, but because it came up in a conversation, and unexpectedly at that. I was in Cebu a couple of weeks ago, you may have surmised, and I finally met up with Chesca – we “met” after the Keane concert, but it was her sister Nia who I met up with a bunch of times since. Now, I finally meet Chesca, and over Thai food at this really good restaurant somewhere deep in the city – or was it over sundae elsewhere? – this song came up. She liked it, apparently – her favorite – but during the conversation she only remembered the fact that it had Sandara Park on the music video. So, well, I’m writing about it here to immortalize it, slightly. (That, and in my early days of K-pop exploration I was drawn to her voice.) Tomorrow, I promise, I return to the inbox. [NB]

“It’s so dark when you’re not around.”

“Bonfire” by Miss Li | Let’s go back to being late! This song is from last year, but then, I attribute all this to my not listening to Swedish radio (as opposed to Norwegian or Danish) often. Have to rectify that. Miss Li, aka Linda Carlsson, has been around for a while – her debut album was eleven years ago – and you’ve probably heard one of her songs on Grey’s Anatomy. So she’s that kind of singer. “Bonfire” caught my ear while travelling to a wake (yes I know), stuck in typical Manila traffic. To be honest, there’s nothing really groundbreaking about this song, but it’s a pleasant one anyway, and now that it’s our turn to have summer, it fits. [NB]

“Come on out. Don’t be another fool.”

“My Girl You Blush” by Moi Caprice | Here’s another one from the Danish, because lately I’m gravitating back to P6 Beat, perhaps in an attempt to be, err, alternative again. This one’s old, though. Twelve years old, in fact: this was released from the 2005 album You Can’t Say No Forever. But I think what attracts me to most Danish alternative is how, err, fuzzy is all sounds. I didn’t want to say “twee” but there’s a synonym I can’t protest against. Moi Caprice – they were founded in 1993, so they’re definitely veterans – may have the crunch, but this song, at least, has that dreamy element. Perhaps not as dreamy as, say, Shy Shy Shy, but you get the idea. This bounces along, but keeps half of you in dreamland. It’s discombobulating, perhaps, but the good kind. [NB]

“Before I learn how to swim, I wanna know what to expect.”

“Everybody Else Gets Wet” by Delorento | Yesterday I talked about the need to catch up, so all day yesterday I was listening to (a day-long recording of) Irish radio. This came up. It’s an unusual hook. “What are they getting to?” you think. Well, now I read the lyrics and it is a relatively inspirational song, whatever that means. It’s a nice, pleasant thought, all wrapped in a slyly funny hook. As for the band, Delorentos is, well, Irish, from Dublin, but I have not come across them before. It’s interesting how Ireland is so close to the UK and yet only a few of their acts break out across the… what’s their equivalent of “across the ditch”? [NB]