“Sticking plaster won’t cure wounds.”

“Beauty Survivor” by Angelababy | I wish the reason for me writing about Angelababy is because I’m going to Hong Kong today – by now I should be close to landing – but not really. There was a Jet Li film on television and I wanted to know what it’s called. I didn’t find out, but I found that he has a film with her. Angelababy’s a name I’ve been stumbling upon these past few weeks (because she’s just given birth) and I actually wondered if she’s a YouTuber. Actually, a model, born in Hong Kong, but then she segued to a music career in Japan (this is her debut) and then to acting. All with that monicker, which does read like a user name off some website. (Angela is her real name; Baby is her nickname.) The comments here say the song is bad, but I actually don’t mind it. I was just thinking about how we don’t listen to Selena Gomez for her vocal prowess, but rather for the mood she exudes. (Did she not sing live? You decide.) Same is the case here. It sounds… just right for a plane landing at Chek Lap Kok. [NB]


“We wanted it final.”

“Richard” by Nadia Reid | Let’s step away from the inbox first, because here’s a song from a few months back, which I just heard last week, and thought was so intense, I hated myself for missing it the first time. Her name is Nadia Reid; she’s from New Zealand, and this song – this dense, empowering yet conflicting tome to… I’m torn between an abusive relationship and a needy one, I don’t know yet – comes from her album Preservation, which dropped earlier this year. That record got love from both the Kiwis and the Brits, and got a mention from the Americans too, which makes me a little more furious that I missed her the first time. It’s folk that is, well, dense and a bit overwhelming, just the way I like it. But never too late, right? [NB]

“I know you wanna try.”

“Try” by Hatchie | Finally, to wrap up our forced Aussie catch-up, Hatchie. All right, I’ll admit this is a track I’m likely to miss the first time around. This dropped five months ago. But, you know, good dream pop. I am awash. I am awash. Cheesy music video aside, I am awash. Otherwise known as Harriette Pilbeam, from Brisbane, she’s so new there is nothing else of her I can see, although she does plan to drop another album and an EP. That ought to be a good thing – we need loads of that stereotypical Aussie sunshine, especially after all that’s going on these days. [NB]

“What you think about me, arty boy?”

“Arty Boy” by Flight Facilities featuring Emma Louise | We know this blog will never be part of the zeitgeist, but we try to look like it anyway by covering more things. People tend to focus more on the Americans and the Europeans, so we attempt to look at the Aussies too. To my horror, however, I have failed to review new albums from the Preatures and Angus & Julia Stone – two albums I have earmarked, but have completely forgotten because they released their record during my busy as eff season. (So much for trying, Niko.) Also returning with new stuff are Flight Facilities, but so far it’s just this one track, and no new album yet in sight. Whew. We did not miss the boat… yet! Emma Louise returns to provide vocals (they previously worked on the sublime “Two Bodies” for the debut effort Down to Earth) but this time she does it in a jittery fashion, throwing in an Outkast reference that manages to echo the Kinks, while still keeping us grooving. Note to self: do not forget this. But don’t hit yourself so hard when you do. Times are different these days. [NB]

“Do you like my dress?”

“Hey Now” by the Regrettes | Let’s play catch-up – that’s what we’re good at. This song’s a couple of years old, roughly, but, as is with most of the songs I write about here, I only stumbled upon it… a month ago or so? And then I fail to write about it for a month, because I’m terrible. The band is called the Regrettes, and they’re from Los Angeles. It’s a particularly Los Angeles-y name, that. Feels particularly jet set retro, too. “Hey Now” was their first single, and inevitably I haven’t had time to dig through their later stuff (they released their debut full-length really early this year) I’ll base everything on this one song, which feels rowdily timeless. It certainly caught my ear a month ago, and stuck with me to this day. [NB]