Live things: Season of GFriend is a pilgrimage for a Buddy’s undying love

I am a control freak, and concerts bring out the worst in me because a part of me is convinced that the rules set out during ticket selling out to be followed, while a part of me – and other people as well – constantly reminds me that, in times like these, chaos is bound to happen.

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Live things: different shades of sunshine at Bandwagon Brunch

Leanne and Naara at the Bandwagon Brunch on 17 March 2018 at Frank and Dean.

I remember seeing that tweet from Coeli. “More brunch things should be a thing,” she said almost two months ago. “Imagine listening to music over waffles, bacon, scrambled eggs and coffee with a little sunlight on your face.”

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Live things: the highs and lows of the GoodVybes Festival

Hello. Niko here. Our review of the GoodVybes Festival, which took place last Saturday, would be a little different than we envisaged. We planned an essay of observations for the first major (arguably) music festival of 2016. We had a man on the ground: one of our contributing writers, Dexter Tan, bought tickets, making good on his vow to see Chvrches once and for all. And he was there.

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Live things: Reese Lansangan’s Arigato, Internet! album launch

Reese Lansangan launches her debut solo record, Arigato, Internet!, with a set at Green Sun in Makati.

“The next time Reese holds a collage-making workshop,” Rainy told me, “let me know. I want to join.” So, a little over five months ago, we stocked up on old magazines at Book Sale, bought a shiny new pair of scissors, and went to the workshop. Well, only she took part. I was just there hovering around, doing some pre-blogging (that would be our month-long series on OPM classics) and playing with some questions in my head.

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