“There’s more hidden inside of me.”

“Hidden” by Bianca Rose | We’ve had good words for No Fear Here, the album from British singer Bianca Rose, a few months back, so when she dropped the new music video for another one of the tracks in there, “Hidden”, we’ve had to feature it. We all need a tonic even in the middle of the week, don’t we? Perhaps we also need the song’s message, but, you know, it’s been so noisy lately, so I’ll just leave this here, as is. Enjoy. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“I keep running but it’s never clear.”

“Pioneer” by Common Tongues | This one’s weird. The good weird, I must clarify. When I first pressed play on this I got Joel Potts (he of Athlete) vibes, but then it drove its way further towards the middle and it gave me some strong Imagine Dragons vibes, but without the annoying bits. The band is called Common Tongues, yet another one of the many acts from Brighton that interestingly find me, a pretend blogger from eight time zones away. “Dancing on the boundary between acoustic and synthetic” is a line in a press release that could seem overly heavy, but “Pioneer”, from their just released album Divisions (and I mean just released; the album launch was last Friday) does not press this point too far. I like how natural it feels. Not chasing for trends, just going for the feel. It seems to work. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“I always thought this kind of love was out of reach.”

“Out of Reach” by Sam Clark | Here I am, summarizing the press release: Sam Clark, based in Los Angeles but originally from down under, got started on the Aussie soap Neighbours and was last on Grease Live, and in between has dented the Aussie airwaves. This one’s his new single, “Out of Reach”, a sunny, pleasant little thing that brings the best of both his bases – well, I assume – and makes you want to go surfing or something. And it’s catchy, cheesy music video aside. But then, in the middle of the song, I was reminded of Jesse McCartney’s “Beautiful Soul”, which I disliked intensely, and now I can’t scrub it off. Must I watch this again? [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“No one does it better than you.”

“Better” by Ethan Breakaway | I think I’m having a thing for R&B with playful sounds – not too tropical (that is a trend) but, well, just playful enough to not swing towards one territory or another. (I’m thinking of this track from NCT’s Ten – yes, that’s K-pop; yes, this is quite good.) This one comes along the inbox, from London singer Ethan Breakaway. All right, so the lyrics may be a bit too straightforward, but I am still drawn to how playful “Better” is, how summer-y and yet night-after-y it is. And the song’s of the right length, enough to wrap me over and yet make me go “that’s it?” Too bad it’s raining in Manila right now. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“It’s a shame that it’s a shame to be with you.”

“The Body” by Jylda | I’m not sure how to pronounce her name, to be honest, although I assume it’s some mangled form of her given name, Gianna. (Don’t know where her last name, Gehlhar, fits in.) Another one from Berlin, her, and the accompanying press release for her track “The Body” (which dropped last week) invokes Twin Peaks, which I was too young to have seen the first two season of. The video invokes The Big Lebowski, which I was also too young to have caught the first time. Drive? Know what, I should have no excuses for not seeing this film, but I haven’t. What I have is an appreciation of Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal – the television series, yes, with its eerie soundscapes and its gorgeously bloody visuals. (It helps that Jylda reminds me of Caroline Dhavernas, somewhat.) “The Body” is not intense, but it lingers; Jylda’s smoky voice lures you in, but above all its a hazy place and you can’t help but feel traces of paranoia amidst the gravitational pull of her voice. There’s danger, but why not stay? [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)