“Is the waking world more important than sleep?”

“Blade Runner” by Dutch Party | More indie pop from the inbox, then? Surprised it didn’t fill up while we were out, but there’s a handful we have to get to, and we begin with another Los Angeles-based band, Dutch Party, aka San Francisco-bred Ken Franklin and his cohorts. So, yes, I called this indie pop, which means you reasonably have some expectations about its sound, but I like how it teases to go all out and then it doesn’t. It meanders, which clapping along, feeling a bit trippy. Un-fuzzy lo-fi, essentially. “Blade Runner” – I’m sure it’s about the movie, another reference I will never get – comes with their upcoming EP Combat Pop, which drops in the fall. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“You’ve been running in my veins for days.”

“Creep In Slowly” by Gold Key | This song gives me shades, some, of Matt Bellamy. I don’t know why. It doesn’t hold for much long, giving way to the crunchy guitars and strong drums. (Although that can provide some shades of Muse, too.) Gold Key is a new four-piece from Watford, and “Creep In Slowly” is their new single, just dropping last week, in time for the release of their debut album Hello, Phantom on 6 October. Perhaps it’s me and my narrowing playlists, but this was a good change of pace – and one that made a good impression. Brought me back, in a way, even. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“When something comes up, we figure it out.”

“Figure It Out” by Alexander Biggs | First impression: “this is how you do a video about making and selling lemonade with aesthetic!” (And in case you didn’t notice, yes, I was sort of taking the piss.) Next thought: “I heard this somewhere. I definitely heard this somewhere.” Yep, I did hear this on Triple J, I’m sure. Or was it another tastemaker radio station? Alexander Biggs is from Melbourne, and continues the streak of the country’s singer-songwriters with a chill demeanor and dreams of taking over the world. And yes, I like it. And the twist ending to that music video, too. His debut EP, Still You Sharpen Your Teeth, drops in five weeks. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“Mr. Marley was, by night, Mrs. Candy on the street.”

“Drag For A Queen” by the Lavender Scare | If I’m to be honest with you, I could never understand how the song goes – and as this song is selling itself to me as a satirical story about a drag queen who finds some guy who supposedly exists up above, that is critical. So, well, it’s off to how this new (debut!) single from LA band the Lavender Scare sounds. It’s boozy. It’s playful, which just adds to the gravity of the situation – and by gravity, I mean either of the satirical kind or the serious kind. The band, then – formed last year, core members James Delos Reyes and Luis Servin. I feel terrible for not really understanding the lyrics upon learning their songs are partly based on James’ experiences around his sexual orientation. But I guess the muddle is the point here. A good, boozy song, nonetheless. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“What are you gonna say when your soul goes out?”

“Dreams” by Lánre | It makes sense that I post this song on a rainy day. It’s got the vibe that fits the pitter-patter of the drizzle outside, you know, that sort of thing. Lánre is a British-Nigerian singer-songwriter, and she’s just released the new music video for “Dreams”, part of her EP Human. It’s simple enough, this one. A gentle guitar, that voice… that, and how it feels like nothing until halfway through the song when it seemingly reaches inside you and shakes you. Or maybe it’s the rain. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)