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How to Collect Pop Music from Down Under
A seven-part series on pop music from Australia.

Great Philippine Song Hits
Filipino music’s most iconic, one song at a time.

earthings! World Cup of Music
Andy Worsey dives into indie music from the countries playing in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The Five Songs I Can’t Live Without
We ask interesting people for the five songs they, well, can’t live without.

How to Collect Nordic Pop Music
A seven-part series on pop music from the Nordic countries.

How to Collect Japanese Pop Music
A seven-part series on the world of Japanese pop music.

How to Collect Korean Pop Music
A seven-part series on the world of Korean pop music.

earthings! Fantasy Festival
We curate a music festival that’s all in our heads.



The Local Outsider
Niko Batallones plays catch-up with the most noteworthy Filipino music every month.

Anglophile in New York
Jeany Lee writes about life in New York (and the soundtrack that accompanies it).


Regular Features

My Ten Favorites
Niko Batallones picks his ten favorite songs of the year.

The Crash Course
A musician’s entire career whittled down to five songs.

The Inventory
Occasionally we choose a theme, and pick different songs on that theme…

Things Without Words
An occasional spotlight into songs without words that catch our attention.

A Day Listening To…
Niko Batallones listens to a radio station for one day, and blogs it all live.


Theme Weeks

A Week of Meteor Garden
The blog looks at the songs from Taiwanese TV series Meteor Garden.

Swap Week
Niko and Shalla take turns: one picks the songs, the other writes about them. 2014 | 2015 | 2016

Rainy Martini’s Uke Week
Ukulele player Shalla Yu picks four songs that feature the instrument.

A Week of Whistling
Niko and Shalla pick seven songs that have, well, whistling on them.

Pop Goes the Early Noughties
A trip back to when we were in high school, when pop radio felt much more listenable.

Rainy’s Classical Things
Shalla Yu curates a week of classical music selections.

Things in Simlish
A week of music as heard on The Sims.