How to Collect Pop Music from Down Under

Niko Batallones explores the music of Australia.

Week 1: The Introductory CourseWeek 1: The Introductory Course
Australian music has two faces: it has historically looked to other countries for inspiration, but it has also paved its own way and set trends for others to follow. We trace the evolution of the country’s music through five essential acts.

Week 2: The Rock CourseWeek 2: The Rock Course
The growth of Australian music through the years can be traced through the evolution of the country’s rock scene, as it yearned for recognition – and finally got it. We look at the bands at the forefront of the movement.

Week 3: The Pop CourseWeek 3: The Pop Course
While Australian rock and pop have been tightly intertwined across the decades, it didn’t stop acts of a lighter persuasion to break through both in their home country and around the world. We listen in to the acts that made their mark in the pop world.

Week 4: The Indie CourseWeek 4: The Indie Course
Alongside a robust pop and rock scene, Australia has seen many acts that went their own way and made their mark on the world. We explore the acts that zagged when everyone else zigged – and, in some cases, pioneered sounds along the way.

Week 5: The Dance CourseWeek 5: The Dance Course
Australia’s dance scene may have taken a while to start up in the face of all those bands, but eventually they broke through – and went further, in some cases. We listen to electronic music’s pioneers and pillars from down under.

Week 6: The Hip-Hop CourseWeek 6: The Hip-Hop Course
While it took a while for Australia to warm up to hip-hop, it eventually made the genre its own, pulling together influences from around the world and truly Aussie concerns. We explore the hip-hop pioneers and trailblazers from down under.

Week 7: The Country CourseWeek 7: The Country Course
Taking inspiration both from traditions around the world and the distinct conditions seen in their home country, the Australian country scene has developed into a force for powerful storytelling known around the world. We listen to the acts that paved the way.

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[Written and researched by Niko Batallones.]