earthings! Fantasy Festival

The earthings! Fantasy Festival is where the team and a few friends make a festival stage that’s all in their heads, listing down the acts they want to see live.


2016 earthings! Fantasy Festival

The White Noise Stage22 February: The White Noise Stage
Dexter Tan sets the stage for the 2016 festival with an indie-flavored all-girl line-up, with a couple of firsts: a returning act from previous festivals (which means people really love Daughter) and the first Filipino act to make the list.

The Cyclothymic Stage23 February: The Cyclothymic Stage
Allene Allanigue returns to the fantasy festival with another all-girl stage, tripping around the world and picking acts of a gentle persuasion and, in the case of her headliner Selah Sue, an intensely emotional kick.

The Fairylights Stage24 February: The Fairylights Stage
On this year’s third all-girl stage, Shalla Yu presents five more Asian acts she wants to see live. It’s a mix this time, with acts from Japan, Taiwan and South Korea – including her headliner this year, Mamamoo.

The Faraday Stage25 February: The Faraday Stage
Niko Batallones wraps up this year’s festival with a stage that’s more like a tent, still filled with acts that make you feel things. He’d tell you there was pressure to be extra prophetic on this line-up, so there were a lot of last-minute changes…


2015 earthings! Fantasy Festival

The Randomosity Miscellany Stage16 February: The Randomosity Miscellany Stage
Ellia Baguio kicks off the 2015 festival by digging through her favorite acts, all seen through a trippy, twee lens. Her picks go from YouTube sensation Gabe Bondoc to the blog’s Canadian favorite, Cœur de Pirate.

The White Noise Stage17 February: The White Noise Stage
Dexter Tan continues his trip through the wide world of indie pop for his stage this year. His picks include French up-and-comers Granville, Scandinavian pop trio NoNoNo, and Scottish legends Belle and Sebastian.

The Fairylights Stage18 February: The Fairylights Stage
After focusing on little-known Korean acts the past year, Shalla Yu shifts her attention to Japanese pop legends. There’s something for everyone: the J-rock shoo-ins AKFG, the legendary Ayumi Hamasaki, and for the fangirls, Arashi.

The Cyclothymic Stage19 February: The Cyclothymic Stage
Allene Allanigue chooses five acts that deliver emotional impact on the stage without sending everyone into a frantic frenzy. Her acts include the quiet cool of Bon Iver to what she calls the “modern singing girl version of Mozart”.

The Faraday Stage20 February: The Faraday Stage
Niko Batallones takes on an anthemic mindset for his stage this year, with one foot firmly on rock and roll history. Here he hopes for a Rilo Kiley reunion, and tips his hat to the epic nature of Arcade Fire.


2014 earthings! Fantasy Festival

The White Noise Stage16 February: The White Noise Stage
Dexter Tan kicked off the first earthings! Fantasy Festival with a selection of indie pop acts that he wants to see live – or, in the case of Stars, see live again. His picks also include freak-folkies Eliza and the Bear, and indie legends Beirut.

The Fairylights Stage17 February: The Fairylights Stage
Shalla Yu curates an exclusively Korean stage, but with none of the obvious names that first come to mind. Her indie-focused list includes twee duo J Rabbit and iconic acoustic group Standing Egg.

The Good Life Stage18 February: The Good Life Stage
Jayvee Sacramento’s stage includes a who’s-who of the best and brightest in hip-hop. There are the usual names – Kanye West, for instance – and then there are underrated gems like Blackstar and Nas.

The Dilly Stage19 February: The Dilly Stage
Anna Esguerra professes her love for Incubus with a stage that features acts that connect, in one way or another, to the American band. There’s Brandon Boyd’s side project, obviously, and then there’s Band of Horses, whose song named the stage…

The Faraday Stage20 February: The Faraday Stage
He’s not the kind to go party, but Niko Batallones tries to interpret the dance floor several different ways for his festival stage. His picks include Kiwi wonder Kimbra, Aussie DJ duo Flight Facilities, and indie pop darlings Haim.

The Nous Voulons Stage21 February: The Nous Voulons Stage
In the tradition of music festivals supposedly giving control to the people, we handed a stage over to the readers, who picked the acts they’d like to see live. From club darlings to arena hotshots, they did not disappoint.


[Written by Niko Batallones, Jayvee Sacramento, Dexter Tan and Shalla Yu, with contributions from Allene Allanigue, Anna Esguerra and Ellia Baguio.]