The Five Songs I Can’t Live Without

In which we ask people of interest about the five songs they can’t live without, however they choose to interpret them.

Nikki Nava
The up-and-coming singer-songwriter just released her first official single, “Secrets”. The five songs she can’t live without aren’t secrets, however, but some surprises are in store: Interpol and Alvvays are in the mix.

Shy Shy ShyShy Shy Shy
The Danish duo have charmed us with their awkward-yet-confident take on indie pop. Just before the release of their debut full-length Make Up, they shared the songs that brought them together, with songs from Todd Terje and Ryan Adams in the mix.

Carlos CastañoCarlos Castaño
After releasing three albums and performing live across the region, he took a year off, but returned in 2017 with a new album, Scratch. Despite being known as a singer-songwriter, he picked hip-hop classics from the likes of Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill.

April Hernandez, aka TheSunManager, is one of the Philippine indie landscape’s quiet yet reliable workers. As she prepared for the release of her debut full-length Worth, she picked songs from the likes of Sara Bareilles and Bon Iver.

Tim & Puma MimiTim & Puma Mimi
He’s from Switzerland, she’s from Japan, and for the past decade they have defied geography with a fun take on ditzy electronica. Taking a nod to their Oriental component, they chose songs from Japanese artists, from Pizzicato Five to Buffalo Daughter.

Reese LansanganReese Lansangan
The blog favorite has made a lot of waves since the release of her debut Arigato, Internet! – and if you look closely these days, you can’t miss her. She picked songs from Regina Spektor, Sufjan Stevens – and an arguably underrated Disney classic.

Wish 107.5's Princess LeighWish 107.5’s Princess Leigh
For two years she handled mornings on Wish 107.5, standing out for her love of vintage songs and interest in basketball – but then we found out she loves local indie too. She picked songs from John Mayer, Bullet Dumas and the Beatles.

Clara BeninClara Benin
The singer-songwriter captured hearts with the release of her full-length album Human Eyes and, more recently, the EP Riverchild, before taking a hiatus with two sold out concerts. She picked songs from Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed and Switchfoot.