How to Collect Nordic Pop Music

Niko Batallones explores pop music from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

Week 1: The Introductory CourseWeek 1: The Introductory Course
We kick off the series with a look at what binds the Nordic region together, how their music developed, and how different it is from Scandinavia (it’s an important thing) – and then we look at just how diverse Nordic pop is.

Week 2: The Essentials CourseWeek 2: The Essentials Course
We attempt to list down five essential music acts from the Nordic countries, although we may have focused too much on Sweden (and not without reason). We look at seminal acts like ABBA, Björk and Robyn.

Week 3: The Swedish CourseWeek 3: The Swedish Course
We now go country to country, starting with Sweden, whose contribution to pop music cannot be underestimated. From the glam rock of Roxette to the rave anthems of Avicii via the indie pop of the Concretes, we trace how Swedish pop branched out.


[Written and researched by Niko Batallones.]