“They’ll still remind me of when we were at school.”

“Trains To Brazil” by Guillemots | Today marks ten years since I graduated from college. The plan was to devote this week to the songs I listened to a lot during my three years in La Salle, but to be honest, that plan was months ago, and I completely forgot about it, so instead, here I am, writing about one of those songs from the time – specifically, one of those songs that I somehow have not written about in the six years I’ve been writing this blog. Continue reading


earthings! World Cup of Music: Group C

earthings! World Cup of MusicFor me Group C is one of the more open and interesting groups of the World Cup opening stages – four countries with different styles and footballing cultures, and and I’m not convinced that France will have it all their own way. Our World Cup of Music is even more open, with four countries with a rich musical history. [AW]

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“I just want to disappear.”

“Summer Depression” by girl in red | It’s three in the morning and I surprisingly find myself fixing my Spotify playlist called “Saturday”. It’s indie folk-ish, familiar; it’s quiet, but not really. Most importantly, they’re songs that I like. Somehow I landed on girl in red’s profile, tapped on a few songs, yada yada. “Summer Depression”, I guess, strives to be deep-deep by having only a handful of lyrics paired with a steady rhythmic bass (something I’m really really into). I just wish it had more to say though. [SY]

earthings! World Cup of Music: Group B

earthings! World Cup of MusicGroup B is to me a pretty fascinating group, both from a footballing and a musical perspective. On the pitch we’ll hopefully get to watch an excellent Spanish side thrash Portugal, and then all enjoy Ronaldo looking thoroughly miserable about it. Musically it allows me to introduce you to Iran, maybe not a nation known for alternative music, but with some interesting musicians both living in Iran and also elsewhere in the world. [AY]

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“Gotta keep it movin’.”

“Free To Be Me” by James Francis | I’ve been so occupied, I forgot my inbox. I forgot my inbox! So here’s me playing catch-up… but what else is new? This one’s a funky jam. And it’s an unassuming funky jam at that. You know how these things tend to be really flashy sometimes, like there’s an arms race to prove funkiness and radness and I am very sure I am using these terms wrong. Don’t try so much, Niko. Be cool. This track is from James Francis, and the PR copy is keen to remind us that he sang with the choir on the Harry/Meghan wedding weeks back, although to be honest I don’t remember. It’s a choir. It’s pomp and circumstance. “Free To Be Me” is a better model: he’s smooth and he’s effortless. It might slip you by, but we ought to bring him to your attention anyway. Even if it’s late. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)