“‘Di magtatagal, tayo ay liligaya.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Sige” by 6cyclemind | Twelve years ago, 6cyclemind performed in La Salle. To mark the occasion I came to the gig wearing a bootleg (let’s put it that way) 6cyclemind shirt – it’s really the cover art for their second album Panorama – and tried my hardest to make then vocalist Ney Dimaculangan notice me. He did, and gave me a thumbs-up. The band may have somewhat disappeared from view in recent years, particularly after Ney left the band to go solo (and Tutti Caringal, the band’s drummer – and simultaneously vocalist of Protein Shake – stepped up to the frontman role) but I can’t help but look back at their heyday with a smile. Some will call them “baduy” but to me they weren’t: they somehow straddled the line between relating to mainstream sensibilities and churning out, yes, elegant songs. They are elegant, yes: elegant in their crunch, and in their sentiments. “Biglaan” still packs a punch. “I”, same thing – a gem waiting to be rediscovered. Even I had fun listening to later single “Magsasaya”. But of course I am choosing “Sige”, a song that endeavors to go big about the smallest moments, and succeeds. It seems an apt way to wrap up Great Philippine Song Hits for this year – or for ever, we’ll see. This has been a fun trip[NB]