“All art is quite useless, according to Oscar Wilde.”

“Endless Art” by A House | This week the blog goes on autopilot. The busiest week of my year is this week; I’ve been so busy (or so stupid) I forgot to plan a break around this week, or, well, even think of something to write here. I’m just using lull time in what is otherwise a weekend spent working to schedule these posts, which aren’t even from the inbox. (Sorry, PR people.) But I’ll give you a hint of my mindset today and in the next few days. Today is the last day of preparation, and I am possibly peeved that, after all of the work I have done in the past few months, I would still receive what really are stupid questions. “Is the event happening tomorrow?” Well, yes, we’ve been telling you for months. I’ve been hearing this song for months now – 6 Music tends to play this a lot, a one-hit wonder of sorts from this Irish band – and somehow the first link struck me as I dealt with one of those questions again. “Does my booth have a table?” Did you read the PDF I painstakingly laid out? That’s your job, right? But, no, no, cannot be angry. I am staying at a five-star hotel. For work. Breakfast will be better, at least, and room service will be paid for, within reason. And tomorrow, you’ll have to wake up early and look extra good. [NB]