Drea’s things, part one: A Rocket To The Moon

“Whole Lotta You” by A Rocket To The Moon | Now, an occasional series of blog entries featuring contributions from my friend Drea, who’s been getting too much into music lately, like her first recommendation here (and, of course, it’s not a bad thing). She hopes to be writing these things herself soon, but I’ll do this first since she’s busy and all. First up: Massachusetts band A Rocket To The Moon, who I’ve actually heard of, if not for the fact that I wish to forget about the person who introduced me to them. Anyway, I’m not really into Fueled By Ramen’s kids, but I’ll have to admit this song – off their album Wild & Free, which is out next year – is catchy. Summery, even. But not too summery, since it manages to sound a bit grounded. But still, for me, the fact that I know them because of… someone else? Sorry, kids. (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)