Review: Pink Memory by APink

Pink Memory by APinkAPink has been around since well, I don’t know. I mean, “I Don’t Know”. Pardon me, but I did that on purpose and now I sound lame. Slap me for not realizing that Pink Luv was just an EP, and this is just their second full-length album. Just their second, but suffice it to say that APink is in full bloom, and it’ll be spring for them for a long time, methinks. I love how this whole album opens with “Remember”‘s music box-y intro. I got discombobulated when I listened to it the first time, that part in the chorus where the percussion breaks for a second. But I got over it and I now play this soft bubblegum pop track on my way to work everyday. The thing about APink is they stay true to their brand: cute and innocent without any traces of cheese. Or they’re all cheese without being tacky. I have so many good things to say about them, especially Eun Ji, who’s responsible for upping their game right from the beginning. Others are vocally capable but Eun Ji’s voice is still bae. Another song of note is “Promise U”, which was released a couple of months back. I actually ignored it until I was assigned to review Pink Memory, but I totally regret shunning it because that’s one hell of a song. Nothing phenomenal, but it’s so good and sweet and Eun Ji’s part gave me goosebumps. That’s APink for you. [SY]4/5