Anglophile in New York #8: One night in the Big Apple, we all went British

There was a time Niko and I never ever talked about Asian pop, even though we are both Asian. We were always talking about stuff like the Mystery Jets, Suede, and Ocean Colour Scene. This article is dedicated to our musical origins; and we must never forget them, EVER.

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Nick Grimshaw’s breakfast pickle

The thing facing new BBC Radio 1 breakfast host Nick Grimshaw is simple: you do not try to be very much like your successor, but you do not try to be very different from your successor. I listened to the first hour and a half of his first show (it’s still going on as I type) and it’s obviously a different beast: more music, but not without a bit of a personality. Nick’s dry and his anecdotes are fine, although first day jitters mean he hasn’t quite gotten there yet. My biggest gripe is that it sounds like every other show on daytime Radio 1 – perhaps a counterweight to Chris’ ego-heavy offering? But the breakfast show is the breakfast show, and this feels like a non-event. That approach works for some stations, but not for this one. I understand Grimmy’s a bit more laid-back, but I want to see some interaction with some sort of team, and I want to see some more imagination. An interview with One Direction’s Harry Styles (which didn’t really go many places) may get people to tune in, but not for long… but again, early days.

“Every single month we came close to being fired.”

It’s a bit disappointing that Chris Moyles’ last moments on the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show is… a video. I mean, he’s a radio geek and all. He’s got a keen sense of the console. Why can’t he go the way he does best? Sure, the whole thing was being streamed on video live (which is how I actually managed to catch it, surprisingly), but he’s a radio guy above all. Why can’t he go the way he does best? But fine, it’s a closing cheesy song. Fine, way too cheesy, perhaps. Maybe that is how he wanted it.

Here’s one for sung jingles everywhere

Radio geek alert: this week is Chris Moyles’ last week on the Radio 1 breakfast show. My attachment: I listened to him a fair bit when I was in college (in between 6 Music, I’ll admit, and yes, hate me now). The sucky thing: I won’t be around to listen to his last two shows live, more so blog about them right after; work stuff get in the way. So let me do this instead: the first jingle he ever played on his first ever breakfast show eight years ago, all five minutes and twenty-two seconds of it. Yes, also, I love sung jingles, and there will be one less place for them in the world when Nick Grimshaw takes over two weeks from now. That first show, I hopefully can blog about.

After Chris Moyles says he’s leaving Radio 1 brekky…

…there’s what Fearne Cotton calls a “weird atmosphere”. Although I’m not entirely convinced she’s kept out of the dark on this. (That doesn’t explain the business-as-usual mood on the station, though. I mean, Fearne has to keep calm and carry on.) Anyway, after over eight years (and a bunch of laughs from me since my first year in college), Moyles is leaving the much-vaunted breakfast slot on BBC Radio 1 – his slightly pompous announcement here – and then, the tease: an announcement on who’ll replace him will be made at half past ten. Only the news leaked on who that is before the announcement: late night host Nick Grimshaw. A bit of a non-descript announcement on Radio 1, really, but the forums will go on overdrive, definitely. I only heard his show once (it’s way too early for me) and I like what I heard, but I wonder if he’ll translate well early in the morning? I can’t worry about that yet, though – two more months of Chris and his cheesy songs, one of the best things on radio ever.