“This is what you do at parties, right?”

“Dance with Me” by Beabadoobee | I first heard of Beabadoobee a couple of weeks ago. She’s newly signed to Matt Healy’s record label. Also, I wasn’t sure if I heard the presenter right. She’s from the Philippines? Yes, as it turns out, although she and her family moved to London when she was three – fifteen years ago. (So that makes two Filipinos for Matt.) Apparently she first picked up a guitar last year (although she is a violinist, at least according to this interview with her from Noisey) had released a bunch of songs that got the attention of early adopters – people seem to love “Coffee” – and now she has an EP, Patched Up. Knowing how we Filipinos latch on to anything and everything vaguely of our heritage, I’m a bit surprised we haven’t heard much about her… but maybe next year. Surely her plaintive bedroom pop will appeal to some people over here. But by then the gatekeepers would have kicked most of us out, because it can only be their party. [NB]