“Sa awitin kong ito madarama.”

“Ang Aking Awitin” by Bong Gabriel | I accidentally bookmark this week with a song that, once again, was brought back to the fore at a different time by Side A. There really is something about the songs of the 1970s, eh? And there really is something about the songs that took part in the Metro Manila Popular Music Festival – we’ve written about a bunch of entries in the past couple of years. Here’s one from the first year of the competition, from Bong Gabriel. I can’t find much about him except for a recent run-in with the law, so I’ll brush over that and dwell on “Ang Aking Awitin”, yet another music-themed song from the era that flutters like a butterfly so gracefully it never gets old. I must have been hearing the Side A version throughout my childhood, but again, that was relatively ubiquitous, and carefree enough to last us through to this day. Oh, if we can have more of these songs again. [NB]