Review: Call It Love by Briana Marela

Call It Love by Briana MarelaIf you’re coming in expecting another dreamy record from Briana Marela, well, not this time. Call It Love may still have the hazy signature of her previous work, but it’s definitely her synthpop record. Everything bounces, everything bites – not aggressively, but perhaps you can call it that considering what came before. It’s nice how she contorts nicely to the punchier sound she’s adopted – halfway through the album it all feels natural now. It provides an interesting tug between both extremes, and you don’t feel lost. What seems to be lost, however, is the message. It seems you’ll have to work a bit more to get to what Briana is trying to say – and then you’ll have to wonder if, in this case, she’s telling a story she’s intimate with, or just reading out of a script. Well, clearly it’s still her perspective, somehow, but with that taking a back seat… are you supposed to just lean back and let it all snap? [NB]3/5


“I’ll give you all I’ve got.”

“Surrender” by Briana Marela | Only now have I trawled through my notebook of songs. I told you, it’s been busy on every front lately. I scribbled this down a month or so ago, and now, well, an entry, about Briana Marela, based in Seattle but completely evocative of Iceland’s penchant for the smooth and experimental. I mean, listen to this. Turn it up. Bask under all the layers. Layers after layers, like a fur coat on a terribly snowy day – not that I’d know, because I live in a tropical country. Anyway, this is off her upcoming record All Around Us, which hits stores next week. Listen to that bounce. Get stuck in it. [NB]