Review: Moth by Chairlift

Moth by ChairliftChairlift’s moved towards one iteration of synthpop or another throughout their career, but only in Moth, their third album, do they seem to have pinned it down. Their last album, Something, had a few gems, but suffered from being quite inconsistent. Not that Moth had solved that problem – there are still times when things chugged down to a halt and momentum their got scuttled – but the band seems to have really figured out what they want to do. Their synthpop has been distilled, while still capturing the jittery innocence of their take on the awkwardness of love. “Show U Off” even ends with a yelp of joy! Their misses aren’t exactly misses though – “Ottawa to Osaka” means well but just suffered from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But Moth is an enjoyable record, and Chairlift should be able to confidently say they finally got it. [NB]4/5

「あさひ あびる しるえっと ぜんぶ とけて いく。」

“I Belong In Your Arms” (Japanese Version) by Chairlift | My discovery of this track was purely accidental, as a friend merely shared the video to show Caroline Powachek’s unintentional (or is it?) display of her armpit hair. It really just started with the intent to lightly discuss cultural norms on beauty and equality feminism. But I digress. To be honest, I love this version more than the one in English, mainly because her singing sounds more endearing. Usually songs give off a certain feel because of how a listener understands the words. (I think I’ve become obsessed with how she extended singing some of the words as nnn’s and mmm’s. It’s as if she was savouring the words as she sang them.) I understood nothing but a few words in English in this track, and yet I know that this can pass as one of the sweetest songs ever written. [CR]