Review: Cigarettes After Sex by Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex by Cigarettes After SexI’ve read reviews suggesting Cigarettes After Sex specialize in “millennial love songs”: modern themes (and anxieties) set to really somber arrangements. I go, “do those darned millennials really need their own set of love songs?” I apparently count as one, but I don’t. I’m on the fringes of the demographic and I did not grow up in an affluent setting like most so-called millennials. And yet I find something universal about the vibe, the sound of Cigarettes After Sex’s eponymous debut, like an everlasting outing of Scottish dream pop (without the fuzz of the shoegazer movement) playing the morning after a particularly bad night out, perhaps one dotted with rejections. (Not that I have been to a night out, bad or otherwise.) Greg Gonzalez’s delivery is striking, dealing blow after blow from the beginning of the album. And yet I can’t get past how samey it all sounds. There is definitely lots of space for deviating from the template set early on, but no; they stick to it. Perhaps that’s where the “millennial” part comes in. Apparently they whine a lot and cease to move on from their childhoods. [NB]3/5