“Sana’y kaya kong baguhing lahat sa nakalipas nating kasaysayan.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Sayang” by Claire dela Fuente | I’ve always known Claire dela Fuente as the owner of a bus line – one who’s always vocal about issues that affect her business, to the point that she found her franchise to operate revoked after participating in a transport strike. I knew she was a singer, but then I found her face on her buses, so that stuck. Also, again, I was born at the wrong time. That, and her career as a singer was relatively short compared to her contemporaries – although it made such an impact that people remember her as one of the country’s “jukebox queens”, an easy tag for female balladeers of the 1970s. (Or perhaps it’s the nostalgia it provided.) But she wasn’t in it for the histrionics. They called her the “Karen Carpenter of the Philippines” because of the obvious similarities with the late singer, and proceeded to provide a semblance of class and finesse to the love songs of the time. “Sayang”, her breakout hit, haa that lilt you don’t really find in the other songs of the time. It lifts you up and breezes you through… like a bus headed to one of her restaurants. Okay, that was a bit of a cheap shot, but I can listen to her for days. [NB]