Review: Orchid by CRWN

Orchid by CRWNI’ve been telling myself I have to review this album to bolster my local music coverage (and credentials) but I was a bit wary about covering CRWN’s new “beattape”, Orchid. I have seen him live, twice, but – perhaps it’s because of the setting – I realize I couldn’t get fully behind him. This time, I am alone and have earphones on, and while the album speeds through – that is a misnomer; it’s not speedy, but you know what I mean – I find myself pondering the lack of truly public spaces in the Philippines, and later talking to someone about it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Orchid is a record you only keep in the background. For me, in fact, it’s the opposite: it constantly pushes itself in front of you, but not in a brusque way. It feels deliberate. It’s proud of itself. “Look what I can do!” And it points at a particular trick in the songs, and you focus on it, and everything falls around you, and your mind opens. Lesson one: perhaps I’m better suited to listening to CRWN’s music alone. Lesson two: it doesn’t matter where you listen to it. [NB] | 4/5

Live things: Reese Lansangan’s Arigato, Internet! album launch

Reese Lansangan launches her debut solo record, Arigato, Internet!, with a set at Green Sun in Makati.

“The next time Reese holds a collage-making workshop,” Rainy told me, “let me know. I want to join.” So, a little over five months ago, we stocked up on old magazines at Book Sale, bought a shiny new pair of scissors, and went to the workshop. Well, only she took part. I was just there hovering around, doing some pre-blogging (that would be our month-long series on OPM classics) and playing with some questions in my head.

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