“You make my heart keep beating.”

“Fake News” by Chris Cron featuring Daena Jay | The subject line in the email wasn’t that promising, to be honest. “A song about fake news?” I went. And then I read through it, and boom, I realized who I was dealing with. Chris Cron was on The Voice – he didn’t make it past the blind auditions – but that was after he had already turned his back on music, settling down to become a father. Before all that, he spent eleven years as the frontman of the band Mêlée. I can’t say I love them, because I only heard this one song from them that I really, really love. (That’s a long overdue post, coming out tomorrow.) But this song, despite the topical hook, is actually a fun love song – a bit imaginative lyrically, but the staccato pacing and fun, tight production makes this stand out from the rest. The sentiment may be universal, but you don’t have to say it the same way as everybody else. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)