“Where you go, I’ll follow, no matter how far.”

“Best Part” by H.E.R. featuring Daniel Caesar | See, I am terribly behind on things. When I first heard this song, I honestly thought this was an old track. Shalla introduced me to it, in a conversation about a completely different song together: “Written in the Stars”, a collaboration between John Legend and Red Velvet‘s Wendy. (No pizza?) The latter (which was released just last October) reminded her of the former (which was released a whole year prior). Not that we’re saying it’s a rip-off; it just reminds us of things. And then it turns out it’s a new song, with recent Manila visitor Daniel Caesar collaborating. It even won a Grammy yesterday. And, it also turns out, H.E.R. – aka Gabi Wilson – is part-Filipino. Not that I’m a #PinoyPride person; you just expect people to be all over it. [NB]

Up Tops with Nat, part two: Daniel Caesar

“Get You” by Daniel Caesar featuring Kali Uchis | Unlike with Kali, I first encountered Daniel… well, when he was announced as part of the line-up for this year’s Wanderland. Interesting how this indie-leaning festival has quietly shifted, partly, away from indie pop acts and towards the R&B kids like, with Jhene Aiko headlining, and Daniel joining along, too. Sign of the times, yes? I’m writing this series because I feel a bit bewildered about a genre a significant segment of my audience supposedly likes, and one I have essentially missed the boat on. (And I trust Nat with her preferences, even if she herself would acknowledge this is out of character for her.) So, Daniel. He’s Canadian, so that makes sense; some really interesting music along this lane came north of the border, although I’m sure I missed hearing him on the Canadian radio stations I tune in to. Last year he released his first full-length Freudian, which is filled with slinky thoughtful stuff like this one. Yeah, I can get behind this. Maybe I would further if I was a late night person. It sounds shallow but I think me being a morning person gets in the way of me fully appreciating this sort of music. Nat isn’t – we were listening to this song at three in the morning! – and most kids these days aren’t, so that makes sense… [NB]