“You’ve got the power to stand up today.”

“#SUPERGIRLS” by De Fam | As is traditional on the blog, we write about music from the country we just came from. (Except for Singapore. We’ve got that covered more often than usual.) I came from Malaysia, of course. Met up with Zaty, a close friend of Rainy’s who she has never met, but I have met twice. (She also received this, if you’ve been watching us on Twitter.) But anyway. She was driving me to Petaling Jaya for some shopping when this song came on. She switched the station, saying that this is a bad song, but then I stopped her. The gall of me, yes? Anyway, De Fam is a Malaysian girl group, and that’s all I have. It’s not a bad song, really, but I felt it sounded dated. “It’s like Christina Aguilera doing ‘Fighter’,” I said, before noting that, yes, Zaty’s right in calling it a bit K-pop-like. I do hear some vaguely non-futuristic 2NE1 on there. So… well, not bad. But eh. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)