The crash course: Everybody calls him Giorgio

Giorgio Moroder's career spans five whole decades.

Kids these days might have heard him first from that nine-minute Daft Punk track. “My name is Giovanni Giorgio,” he began, “but everybody calls me Giorgio.” Thus began the unlikely return of Giorgio Moroder to the pop scene’s cool parts, culminating in the release last year of Déjà Vu, his first album in 23 years. Throughout his fifty-year career the Italian record producer has shaped pop music: coming from the bouncy sensiblities of Italian pop, he was a leading beacon of the disco sound, and later produced many iconic songs. As he performs in Manila on Saturday, 27 February (unless there’s another postponement) here’s an attempt to cover all those five decades – well, there was a break – in five songs.

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“I want to get next to you, next to you.”

“Dinner with Gershwin” by Donna Summer | For some reason, Donna Summer’s songs are on the top of my charts; my aunt has a CD, I copied it on my PC, and it chooses to play her songs a lot. Well, I’m a bit of a 70s boy myself, so I’m not complaining. Today I played this song, one that’s always struck me, how she lists off a bunch of iconic names, ones that she can’t reach anymore, and then going, “I want to get next to you.” Little did I know, she’s gone on to have dinner with Gershwin herself; the disco icon passed away today after a battle with cancer. She was 63.