Five years in: (some of) the earthings! story in photographs

Honestly, there really isn’t a lot of story to tell, unless I decide to act like a really big thing and insist that the mundane things earthings! has done over its five years of existence is worth telling. But isn’t it fun to be able to post a photo album of scenes captured from those five years – at least scenes that don’t involve me writing paragraphs in front of a laptop from my so-called desk, or sometimes at various hotels across the region – and say something about the “story” of earthings! across its five years of existence? Yes, right? So, well, here it is – a slightly random compendium of photos, of the people we met, the people we became friends with, and in between, some photos that didn’t quite make it to these pages. This is, after all, a personal blog masquerading as a music blog. You get the idea. [NB]


Review: Underneath the Roots by Fools & Foes

Underneath the Roots by Fools & FoesThere’s something calming about Underneath the Roots, the debut EP from local four-piece Fools & Foes. Spread across five tracks is an atmosphere that reassures despite the occasional bursts of energy. The group is not, by all means, typical indie pop: it takes its time setting up; then the pay-off, which it doesn’t linger in; and then, the come down, an acknowledgement that things are back to what seems like normal, but things have changed a bit here and there. It’s a template (sort of) followed by standout tracks “Blindfolded” and “Withering”, both sprawling and yet energetic. I wouldn’t call this a complaint, but Underneath the Roots is hindered by its format: at just five songs it doesn’t quite get the chance to build into something really compelling. You see them pushing to get there – and, yes, they sort of do – but then the record is over. You try again, and you see the seams. It’s not a disappointment, by any means; I just wished there were more. [NB]3/5