“…basta’t sasakyan mo rin ako.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Sasakyan Kita” by Gladys and the Boxers with K | All right, so this may not have been a really big hit. I remembered this song with yesterday’s entry in mind, and particularly how I liked it despite it being lumped into the trend of so-called novelty songs in the early 2000s. Is it a novelty song? “Sasakyan kita” – in English, loosely, “I’ll ride you” – is sexual innuendo, isn’t it? This is a Lito Camo song, after all. It’s in the verses. But for some reason this doesn’t feel too much compared to what else was available at the time. It’s street slang. “I’ll go with you.” (That’s me being loose again.) It’s pleasant. It’s got a good sentiment. It helps that anyone can damn well sing along to this. Also worth noting is the strength of the group’s members, particularly the two of them who lent their names: Gladys Guevarra and K Brosas, both comedians, television hosts and singers, of the mould people tend to dismiss – the comedy bars, mass entertainment, thinking on your feet, nothing too cerebral, but pleasant if you’re in the mood nonetheless. All right, maybe this is me waxing sentimental. Good times. [NB]