The Mo Twister suspension, a month after

Good Times with Mo, as a show, was always teetering on the brink of suspensions, sanctions and lawsuits. They were successful and were raking in ratings with funny and oftentimes offensive segments like Forbidden Questions, Yabang Mo, Chick Republic and Showbiz Bro so everything was good.

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Disturbing the Peace… on the Magic?

With Mo Twister suspended (again) for five months (yes) for a sex-related topic (not a rape joke, he insists), Magic 89.9 suddenly has to replace him without replacing him. The solution: do a Disturbing the Peace reunion. Sam Oh has left The Playground on Play FM (temporarily?), moved to the next room, and reunited with the supposedly retired Gibb for First Thing in the Morning – and the idea of one of radio’s most underrated morning shows somehow returning is making me feel things. I haven’t had the chance to listen to a good stretch – I only listened to a three-minute bit where they discussed what torquing is, prompted by “We Can’t Stop” – but anybody who listened to DTP will find themselves at home. A morning show that doesn’t always revert towards giggling to be funny, you know? And now the Magic is reuniting a pair that anchored 99.5 RT’s second life, a station that they resurrected and never really supported as much as they should, a station they only used as a training ground for their own station… these things I feel, it must be resentment. [NB] (We’re finally on Twitter: our name is @earthingsblog and we’d be happy to have you follow us.)

People still care about radio. So why all the crap on the airwaves?

I was honestly surprised to see a significant amount of views on my (then outdated) blog entry on Fran leaving RX and her subsequent appearances on Good Times with Mo. Granted, that spike was because she finally appeared on the Magic 89.9 show (as opposed to the podcast) twice last week. But I was looking at the search terms – they’re mostly versions of “why fran left rx”. First conclusion: people still care about radio, and despite the advent of YouTube and MP3 players and all that, people will still listen to the radio, and not just because they’re in cars. (I told my girlfriend that I may be disillusioned with, say, whatever’s on 99.5 MHz, but someone will treat it like gold.) Second conclusion: people care about radio so much that they’d want to hear about what essentially is radio gossip – stuff I sometimes write about, and stuff that partly dashed my own dreams to be on the radio. Third conclusion: should these people who care about radio have to live with hearing the same old, mostly lazy (ahem, Easy Rock), occasionally misogynistic (ahem, RX and Magic), often flashy (ahem, Jam and all the masa stations), always unimaginative crap?

Listening in on the whole Fran leaves RX thing

I know this is at least a week old, but you have to cut me some slack: I don’t listen to Good Times with Mo (anymore), or to anything on the Magic for that matter, for several reasons. But Jayvee tipped me off about how that show became, for some reason, a venue for airing the grievances of another radio DJ’s grievances, from another radio station… then. Now, this is the podcast (which I have no idea about – this is how much I’ve stayed away) so the Magic prolly has nothing to do with this, but you have Francesca of RX 93.1 – one of their vets – talking about leaving the station after a pay dispute, or perhaps because she’s old and (if you’re going with Mo) not a sexy model like Jinri Park or Karen Bordador. And a part of me is going “oooh, radio gossip!” and another part of me is going “all this emphasis on looks over substance – this is why I gave up on local radio” and yet another part is going “this is interesting, because now Magic will surely get her and pair her again with Boom and suddenly we have a The Stretch reunion!” But while a station rivalry gets closer to potentially intensifying – I read something this morning about selling yourself by having an antagonistic figure – I just shrug.