“You are my twisted sunshine.”

“Ever After” (Eric’s Beach Mix) by Bonnie Bailey | I was sifting through my MP3s – a tedious task: I’m editing metadata and adding album art one by one, alphabetically – when I chanced upon this song by Bonnie Bailey. Yes, it’s a dance track. I know, I don’t go out to dance, or “dance”, come to think of it. It was 2004 when this song came out and got quite big here in the Philippines – the times when I still listened to Magic 89.9, when the station had musical pull (as opposed to its personalities nowadays) and was much more decent overall. It started there, I think, and then it was everywhere. It was the soundtrack to the summer before I became a college student. This could’ve worked as a graduation song, really, with a reference to “three years ago” – I entered in 2005 and got my diploma three years later, right on schedule.