The crash course: Shinsadong Tiger? Is he okay? (Yes.)

First, an update from an entry we wrote three months ago: Momoland’s “Bboom Bboom” has become a legitimate hit. (Just when I got cautious in making that prediction.) It never quite topped the official Gaon charts (they were held off by Ikon) but it lingered in the top ten for months. And, in a scene where songs have a relatively short lifespan, it finds itself stretching its arms out around the world, a feat usually reserved for groups from bigger agencies. I’ve just seen two cousins of mine, who’d otherwise not post about K-pop, talk about how “Bboom Bboom” is stuck in their heads – and they’re just among many others on my feeds. So, we’re reacting to that by featuring five songs from famed Korean producer Shinsadong Tiger, he who’s responsible for that earworm – and many others across this wave of K-pop success.

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Review: A’wesome by HyunA

A'wesome by HyunAOne year after the release of a hoe anthem comes another hoe anthem. Okay, well, according to most people. I was surprised she came back so soon after 4minute’s breakup. I wasn’t a huge fan of the group – although I’m in love with most of their album tracks – so I didn’t really feel much. Now the group’s most popular girl comes back with a tune going “eoddae?” all throughout. Though I must admit I find those bits catchy, I get why most are disappointed with the MV for “How’s This?” – and the song as a whole (“we wanna hear her more!”) – and I’m not gonna even argue. Disappointing though it may seem, the rest of the album are satisfactory. It opens with the very chill “U&ME♡” and jumps straight to the single. Which I really don’t like. The next two are the usual HyunA-dance-beat-hip-hop-thingies which aren’t that bad, and either of them could easily be the single. Even the mildly playful “Morning Glory” could be it too. Really, anything but “How’s This?” [SY] | 3/5

“A bitter day 다 이렇게 지워가겠지.”

“A Bitter Day” by HyunA featuring G.NA and Yong Jun-Hyung | If I remember correctly, this was before G.NA became widely known. I’ve known her before this though; she had a song with Dok2 where she went “uh-oh uh-oh” all along. This song also goes waaay before HyunA went full-on “femme fatale”, if you could call it that. Hey, I like her being sexy, all right. I just wish they’d release more songs like this. Some ballad, some piano, some rap. Not that others aren’t doing it. Baechigi did well with Spica’s Jiwon with their “Shower of Tears”, and, more recently, Soyou with “Mad Clown”. There’s just something a bit haunting about this song’s chorus. I think I’m just posting to celebrate one of my long-time favorites. Hmm. [SY]