“Where is it that you go?”

“Mousedeer” by Inch Chua | Yes, this is a leftover from the Bandwagon Music Market almost two months ago. And yes, I deliberately held this to today, the closest day to this Friday, when Shalla and I fly to Singapore. Sure, we’re just spending five hours there – it’s a layover to Kuala Lumpur; if you get really cheap Singapore Airlines tickets, you get them – but we’ll be there for brunch, a quick stroll, and maybe, maybe, an attempt to get a copy of Letters to Ubin, Inch’s latest EP, where this song came from. She performed “Mousedeer” at the Music Market, complete with stories of where that cooing sound that forms the hook of the song comes from – apparently the locals call them “orgasm birds”, which led to some very awkward Google look-ups, although Shalla and I, both familiar with the country with varying intimacies, know what she is talking about. And then we attempt doing that sound, laugh it all off, and hatch a plan, sort of. But now I realize she might have been referring to the actual bird sounds sampled in the song, and apparently, across the EP. Which leads me to this: Inch, in the off chance you’re reading this, we really hope we could find that CD. And yes, we still buy CDs. [NB]

The inventory: Five songs for Singapore’s fifty years

I crammed this. I’ll admit that I crammed this. I was busy, and I didn’t have the time to do some half-arsed study of a country’s popular music scene, even if it’s Singapore’s, a country that’s both small and one that I am more familiar with than most. So I have a quarter-arsed job instead, which is a shame considering that I’ve been planning this in my head for months, and Singapore is arguably one of my favorite countries, if only because it’s just so organized and walkable. So, with help from friends, Wikipedia and stock knowledge, here are five songs that, well, might not be representative of the Lion City – but since they’re turning 50 years old on Sunday, it’s nice looking at some history. Some. [NB]

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