“I swear I’ll be there tonight.”

“Line to Heaven” by Introvoys | Introvoys are an act that have played at the periphery of my childhood consciousness. I’ll admit the most I remember of the group is its drummer Paco Arespacochaga marrying singer Geneva Cruz: I was watching the news and trying to remember his long last name. Of course, now I also remember this song, which seemed to be everywhere when I was a kid. But this was the 1990s – I remember little of some things and a lot of others. The group was formed in 1986 and reached its peak as the decades changed hands. “Line to Heaven” was released in 1993, a song Paco wrote about the death of his parents. But he manages to take an incredibly specific (and personal) moment and make it universal – listening to it now I swear I wouldn’t have thought it’s about his folks. But then, that’s what the best songs do: make something for one and turn it into something for everyone, for better or worse. [NB]