“Kulang ang sandali pag ika’y wala.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Dahil Tanging Ikaw” by Jaya | Since we find ourselves moving towards the cooler side of Filipino music – remarkable considering we love our belting divas – we’d be amiss to not mention Jaya. Yes, she still performs, although you’re more likely to see her these days on Tawag ng Tanghalan as a judge. It’s been a while since the daughter of the legendary Elizabeth Ramsey released new material, although to be honest, I still go back to her breakthrough songs, as we all do. Released in 1996, “Dahil Tanging Ikaw” saw the singer storm the country after years working as a back-up singer in the United States (and, by some quirk of history, making her the only Filipino singer to chart in the Billboard Hot 100). Again, it was a classy sound, a big husky voice that nonetheless managed to express what most belters end up faltering in. I guess, for me, it’s because I could sing it without straining myself. But having a point of difference is nice – and now, much missed, considering we’ve reverted to the belters, and nothing but. [NB]