Review: In My Room by Jayda

In My Room by JaydaI’m a little wary reviewing the debut EP from Jayda Avanzado – yes, the daughter of Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza. Listening to the five tracks here made me feel old, because they’re definitely contemporary pop, and also because for some reason they’re really reminiscent of the pop that surrounded me during my teenage years. Think the more personal approaches of, say, Ashlee Simpson, but less guitar-based. That said, this is an early effort – is In My Room a reference to the fact that these songs were written, well, in her room? The songwriting feels basic, the sort of stuff you write when you’re just starting out. The themes are a given; the rhymes were a bit predictable, I must say. But soldier on I must, because the songs aren’t bad if you think about it, and also because Jayda has a spunk that this EP fails to really show off. There’s the track “Breathless”, which ditches the almost-sparse pop in favor of a disco flavor, and that better demonstrates, if not the vocal prowess, the instincts I’ve seen from some of Jayda’s live performances. Here’s hoping future releases work better in her favor. [NB]3/5


The Local Outsider #27: a (surprisingly cool) descendants special featuring Jayda, Leila Alcasid and Claudia Barretto

We have an accidental tradition over here on the Local Outsider: our April installments have a special theme. (Here’s last month’s.) We also have another, less accidental, tradition: we’re late to things. So, the thing we should have done last month is now being done this month – in my defense, I genuinely thought we always did it in May, but then, the election special was weeks before election day, so… well… let’s just get on with it. This month we’re focusing on new talent that are children of other known talent. They’ve been everywhere lately – and we’ve written about some of them in a couple of columns – and while we’re usually wary of these acts because they tend to be there because they’re children of famous people, well, you can argue some of them here are exceptions. Also, pedigree, anyone?

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